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GLOW in the Dark rimSkin

The GLOW rimSkin is our latest creation. We've created the first true glow in the dark rimSkin material, made with an ultra bright, commercial grade phosphorescent pigment. 

Our GLOW rimSkin emits a bright glow for hours after a single 10-15 minute charge under a strong light source such as sunlight, LED flashlight or (as we recommend) a UV black light. ​

This not only adds a unique and cool look to your bike, it provides additional safety for night time riding. 


What is the difference between the Reflective rimSkin and the GLO rimSkin?


The Reflective rimSkin is made of high grade reflective vinyl material, such as the ones used on road signs and emergency vehicles. When the reflective material is hit with direct light, light bounces off the surface of the material. 

The GLOW rimSkin is made with a phosphorescent pigment (glow in the dark) and can emit a glow on it's own when charged for 10-15 minutes under a bright light, where as the Reflective rimSkin only shines when hit with light.