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What is the rimSkin?

It's the affordable new way to customize and protect your bicycle rims. Made of high grade vinyl material, each original rimSkin set applies easily to most existing bicycle wheels or wheelsets. Just peel and expose the adhesive backing. The rimSkin is available for bikes of all sizes. With the original rimSkin, you can switch up the color of your rims without the need to buy all new wheels -- just PEEL & STICK!


How do you apply a rimSkin?


Installation is easy. Simply wipe down and clean the surface of your rims, peel the rimSkin strip from its backing, and apply the rimSkin to directly to your rim. Push any bubbles away from the center to the edges.

Step 1 - Wipe your rims to remove all dirt. Step 2 - Peel the rimSkin from its backing. Step 1 - Apply the rimSkin directly to your rim.


Can I remove a rimSkin?


Yes, they are removable. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm the rimSkin and slowly peel off. Wipe off any remaining residue with rubbing alcohol or a cleaning compound such as Orange Clean or Goof Off.


What comes with the rimSkin?


Each set includes 8 pieces (plus 1 extra) to cover both sides of a single wheel (4 pieces required for each side) and installation instructions.


Does the rimSkin cover both sides of a wheel or only one?


1 rimSkin covers both sides of a single wheel.


Will it fit my bike?


We currently offer Deep V (700c/650c), Super Deep V (700c/650c), Aerospoke (700c), 20" BMX, 24" MTB / Trail, 26" Hybrid / Beach Cruiser, 650c, 700c/29er & Motorcycle 17". 


Do you make custom sizes?


Yes! Contact us and let us know what you need.


How does the Reflective rimSkin work?


The Reflective rimSkin is made of a high grade reflective material, similar to those on road signs and emergency vehicles. When hit with a direct light source, they emit a glow.


How does the GLOW rimSkin work?


Our GLOW rimSkin material is made from an ultra bright, commercial grade phosphorescent pigment (also known as glow in the dark) and emits a bright glow for hours after a single 10-15 minute charge under a strong light source such as sunlight, LED flashlight or (as we recommend) a UV light.


Can I use the rimSkin with a brake?


If you have a caliper brake, you must select the Caliper Brake option when choosing your size. This will leave your braking surface uncovered so your brake doesn't rub on the rimSkin. DO NOT APPLY A RIMSKIN OVER THE BRAKING SURFACE OF YOUR RIM IF YOU ARE USING A BRAKE.